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IEC 60079-14 mandates the use of barrier glands to be fitted to unfilled multicore cable, especially on Ex d equipment and where there is a risk of gas migration through the cable.

With the increased use of unfilled and multicore cables in explosive gas atmospheres the use of barrier glands has become more necessary. QuickStop-Ex resin is clear, VORTEx® resin is bright yellow. Glands using VORTEx® resin have translucent seals to assist inspection of the cured resin barrier.

CCG’s pioneering VORTEx®/QuickStop-Ex Injection Resin Barrier Gland®, with an instant mixing and injecting resin, has all but eliminated the problems surrounding the preparing, mixing, and applying of compounds/resins in Barrier Glands. The VORTEx®/QuickStop-Ex Injection Resin® system is instantly and 100% accurately mixed, whilst being simultaneously injected into the barrier gland in one single action.

Ease Of Use
VORTEx®/QuickStop-Ex Injection Resin® is held in 2-part injection cartridge and with an automatic mixing nozzle it requires just one hand to mix and apply. Unlike the two-part putty or sachet mix liquid resins requiring two hands to laboriously mix.

Instant Accurate Mixing and Simultaneous Injection
VORTEx®/QuickStop-Ex Injection Resin® is instantly and accurately mixed and then simultaneously injected in just one action through the automatic mixing nozzle, eliminating the time taken as well as the risks involved which are prevalent when premixing other forms of resins.

100% Safe and Effective
VORTEx®/QuickStop-Ex liquid resin flows into and fills all the voids in unfilled multi core cables displacing all air and guaranteeing a 100% perfect barrier seal gas and moisture.

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