Installations such as those found in the marine, offshore, petrochemical and mineral processing industries experience higher levels of corrosion than most industries. Recognizing that moisture ingress and the resulting corrosion is a major cause of equipment failure, we at CCG have been the pioneers in the development of corrosion resistant cable glands and junction boxes.

Our superior quality Marine Grade Electroless Nickel Plating™ was developed for the marine offshore industry and has been independently tested for resistance to salt and sulphur dioxide laden atmospheres to ASTMB117-11 and BS EN ISO 3231 standards and test results have shown that the marine grade plating is an effective barrier to bi metallic corrosion and dezincification of brass.

For more highly aggressive environments such as the petrochemical and mineral processing industries, we developed the award winning Corrosion Guard® range of cable glands as a lower cost alternative to stainless steel. For over 30 years the Corrosion Guard® range of glands together with our range of Posi fit® and Handi Fit® Junction boxes have proven themselves in the field giving long term reliability and performance in some of the most arduous corrosive conditions such as those found on ammonia nitrate plants and platinum refineries.

Our full range of glands and thread accessories are also available in stainless steel 316L.

Our range of cast iron FLP Exd group I junction boxes are also specially treated with a corrosion resistant metallic finish and have been independently tested to ASTMB117-11 and BS EN ISO 3231 standards. This protective finish dramatically cuts the corrosion on flame paths in underground coalmines reducing maintenance and improving safety.

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With our own global network of offices and warehouses in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom we are able to give an unprecedented level of service, delivery, technical advice and product training worldwide.

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