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Electrical equipment used in underground coal mining operations must not only be hazardous areas approved for Group I Explosive Gasses and Group III Dust but must also be of robust construction in order to perform in a tough and corrosive coal mining environment.

CCG’s extensive range of Group I hazardous areas approved cable glands, accessories and junction box address these challenges with the following features and benefits:

Captive Component Gland® guarantees that all the safety-critical parts of the cable gland such as the cone, cone ring and seals are held captive within the gland so that at the time of installation these parts cannot be left out or be incorrectly fitted. This guarantees that equipment protection levels have not been compromised. The simple two-part design reduces installation time significantly. The gland can be disconnected and the armour lock and seal can be inspected after installation.

Heavy-duty design construction using high tensile brass or 316 stainless steel for resistance to high impact forces of 20 Nm and increased strain relief on cables.

Specially formulated thermoset seals are designed to withstand the high explosive forces and hot gasses experienced in group I mining flameproof equipment as well as giving excellent cable retention and ingress protection to IP66/68. LSOH seals are also available.

Gland entry thread gaskets are supplied as an integral part of the cable gland. They are fully thermally condition tested with the gland to IEC 60079-0 and then tested to IP66/68 and IEC 60079-1.

QuickStop-Ex injection resin barrier gland® for Ex d installations using unfilled cables guarantees that the resin will be accurately and instantly mixed and all the voids within the cable will be filled.

CCG’s Superior Marine Grade Electroless Nickel Plating™ of 12 microns thickness is perfectly suited for resisting the effects of corrosion in the coal mining industry. It has been tested for resistance to corrosive salt and sulphur dioxide atmospheres to ASTM B117-11 and BS EN ISO 3231 standards giving a longer service life in corrosive installations.

CCG’s Ex d Junction Box 4-way entries available in any combination of 20mm and 25mm with captive stainless steel screws, superior corrosion-resistant metal finish, IP 66/68 rated and mounting base plate included.

Tested and certified to the latest editions of ATEX, IECEx and NS standards.

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