Ex Corrosion Guard VS

Product Description

Ex db IIC, Ex eb IIC, Ex ta IIIC, Ex nR IIC
Sealing on outer sheath of f Steel Wire Armour, Aluminium, Copper Tape or Lead Sheathed Cable

Features and Benefits

  • For highly corrosive, wet locations, Group II, III, Zone 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22 hazardous areas.
  • Factory-fitted captive elastomeric seals for Built-in Safety™ .
  • A two-part handling, freely rotating captive cone and inspectable cone ring provides an armour clamp and earth bond on steel wire and aluminium armour.
  • Corrosion Guard® screws onto the gland body and seals over the outer sheath of the cable, giving an IP68 and deluge-proof seal protecting the armour and metal parts of the gland.
  • Provides 360° earthing to copper tape or lead sheath.
  • Cable Gland is precision manufactured from high-quality brass (Marine Grade Electroless Nickel Plated™).
  • Supplied with a thread-sealing gasket (parallel threads only).

Optional Accessories / Tools

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Technical Data


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